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Race organizer, Cassi, was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety after her second child was born. As many people who have a mood disorder feel, she was overwhelmed and felt useless. So one day, Cassi decided to fight back. She began to organize the CRUSH Charity Run, along with the help and support of her husband.

Our main goal with the CRUSH Run is to ditch the “stigma” that is associated with Depression and Anxiety and make people aware that it’s not just a “bad day”. We’re hoping this run could be a proactive route to suicide awareness, as well. Hopefully, if enough people are reached, we can educate people how to respond to those who confide in them about their mood disorder so there will be less suicide and self-harm incidents.

Another goal with the CRUSH Run is to make it known that having Depression and Anxiety isn’t embarrassing and there is no need to keep it a secret. After Cassi was diagnosed, she began to see people differently and many of those people confided in her about their depression after she was open about hers. Don’t hide it anymore … be vocal! Get it off your chest!

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Cassi Davis

Cassi Davis

Coordinator and Organizer

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Brandon Davis

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