Chicagoans In The Desert


Crush Run Partnership


As we began to put together the first annual Las Vegas Crush Run, we started brainstorming organizations, businesses, and groups we wanted to partner with to make the event happen. Mary Romano, founder of the Chicagoans In The Desert, was definitely one of those people we targeted from the start.

Chicagoans In The Desert is a community and business networking organization in Las Vegas featuring both business memberships and social memberships. It serves as a Business Chamber of Commerce for small business owners who are former Midwesterners now living in the Southern Nevada area.


Chicagoans In The Desert Members Images


While geared towards former Chicagoans, Mary has recently began opening up the memberships to “Good Neighbors” who may not necessarily be from Chicago…but see the value in being a part of the community.

As a former Chicagoan myself and a business member of the group, the relationships and connections I have made in Las Vegas as a result have been invaluable. So that’s why we were excited when Mary expressed interest in CITD becoming a partner. Being involved in the community, creating connections in the community, and supporting Las Vegas businesses are all things we love and couldn’t be happier to have them on board!

Whether you’re a former Chicagoan or not, we highly encourage you to look at joining the group or at least attend one of their events. Mary has some amazing functions like business networking luncheons, Chicks With Attitude luncheons, sporting event meetups, and much more. They website has events list, press releases, and membership sign up forms that make it easy to get involved. There’s also Facebook groups to join and get involved in, as another way to connect with others in the community.

Big thanks to Mary and the Chicagoans In The Desert for being part of the family and a key part of our event!