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Crush Run Partnership


The Las Vegas Crush Run is honored to have Lizada Law Firm as a partner as we go through this journey. Clients of Lizada Law have only great things to say about their lawyers, specifically about the compassion and trustworthiness that makes them stand out above other legal representatives. Having Lizada Law firm by our side makes us proud to have a dedicated and caring law firm step up and support our cause.

Lizada Law Firm understands that your case affects your life so every decision is your call, and for that reason, they will always be there to advise you during your case, but never push you. Former clients have raved about the professional intelligence they encountered during their case, even saying that they have found their lawyer for life!


Lizada Law Firm Crush Run Partner


Lizada Law covers cases involving bankruptcy, family law, and immigration. Their office is conveniently located in Downtown Las Vegas and they’re always prepared to speak with you about your case. Whether you’re trying to determine if bankruptcy is the right decision for your situation, you’re going through a divorce or child custody battle, or you need individualized care throughout your immigration process, the lawyers at Lizada Law Firm will be sure to try to get your case worked out in a way that benefits you.

Hiring a lawyer is never something any person wants to have to do but finding a lawyer who is caring and kindhearted does make the process much easier. If you’re ever in need of a lawyer who will treat you as an individual and not just another case number, schedule a consultation with Lizada Law Firm at https://lizadalaw.com/ to discuss your case. You can also email contact@lizadalaw.com or call them directly at 702.979.4676.

Thank you, Lizada Law Firm, for your partnership and support!