My Wedding Songs

Las Vegas Crush Run Partner

While organizing and preparing for the Las Vegas Crush Run, we have been blessed by many partnerships with businesses coming alongside us to support our goal of crushing the stigma. One of these businesses is My Wedding Songs.

This Las Vegas based business is built on love, and it starts at the very roots, being owned and operated by a husband and wife team. Matt and Sharon met by chance in a Yahoo chat room before most online dating sites existed. They hit it off, and a love story later, they find themselves custom curating music for others’ big day!

Matt was a mobile DJ in the state of Montana in the 90’s, during which he performed wedding entertainment at over 100 weddings, which is where the idea for his business began. He started WeddingMuseum.com in 2003 from his wedding DJ experience, and originally provided all-around wedding planning services. He later decided to focus on his love of music, and rebranded to My Wedding Songs in January of 2017.



Now, Matt and Sharon focus on helping engaged couples curate their wedding playlists. A wedding is meant to be a memorable occasion celebrated for many years, and the music that plays on that day can have a great impact on the moments formed during that time. Keeping this in mind, Matt and Sharon aim to create the perfect atmosphere for bridal couples to have the best wedding possible.

My Wedding Songs also has hundreds of playlists already made that are categorized based on a variety of factors. You can search for songs with specific words in the title, browse through certain genres, or look through lists of songs related to particular artists.

Whether you utilize My Wedding Songs services by looking through their already curated playlists, or are requesting help creating a custom one of your own, Matt and Sharon will take great care of you and your celebration of marriage. For more information, visit their site HERE.

We are extremely thankful to have such loving people and business owners as our partners for the Las Vegas Crush Run.