PWI Construction, Inc.

Las Vegas Crush Run Partner

Throughout the entire creation of the Las Vegas Crush Run, we have had the distinct honor of developing relationships and partnerships with several esteemed local Las Vegas businesses. One of these companies is PWI Construction, Inc.

PWI Construction, Inc. is a nationally recognized general contracting and management firm. Though they are headquartered here in Las Vegas, they also have other offices stationed around the United States, successfully completing high-end projects across the country.

Established in 1985, PWI believes in quality leadership, people, service and experience. They value their clients and partners and exhibit this by listening and being sensitive and flexible to their construction needs and concerns. Because of these high standards of service, PWI develops and maintains life-long relationships not only with their clients but also with architects, sub-contractors, and people that they work alongside every day.

To say that PWI is a highly respected company by architects, engineers, retailers, restauranteurs, hospitality companies, subcontractors and competitors is an understatement. One of their core values at PWI is establishing and continuing communication. They pride themselves on daily team communication, transparency with their clients, and the ability to direct a project across many markets. From new construction to phased remodel, PWI has the ability to provide on-site, step-by-step support for every project, from initial drawings to opening day.

PWI Construction, Inc. specializes in luxury retail, hospitality, restaurant and specialty construction for partners in each discipline across North America. Their most notable projects in our very own Las Vegas include Giorgio Armani, Gucci, The Venetian, The Bellagio, Lavo and Tao. Every project PWI completes is well thought out and done to the highest standards. When finished, these properties add a touch of class wherever they are located.

At a glance, it is apparent just how much PWI has accomplished. With over 30 years of experience and 25 experienced project managers, there is an abundance of knowledge backing every project. Speaking of projects, PWI has completed over 1,800 of them, 250 of which have been in the last 5 years. They have had projects in 23 states, and in several categories, such as 40,000 rooms, 275 hospitality projects, and 80 restaurants just to list a few.

PWI has plenty to boast about in regards to their success as a company, and we are thrilled to have them as a partner for the Las Vegas Crush Run.